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Come one, come all, donate and view images of Elrond.  Huggles and chocolate elfies to everyone who submits some fanart. You won't find any work from me on this page because I can't draw a straight line. It's up to you people!

Elrond in blue.

Elrond in purple.

Lovely portraits of Elrond done in striking colour schemes. Both donated by Ariel.

Simply beautiful portrait of Elrond in his council robes.

Elrond in his armour. Look at the detail! *squeals*

Both of these pieces were donated by the insanely talented Maria; to razz your retinas with some more of her gorgeous artwork, clickie here. This instant!

Rather cool Elrond photoshopping type deal.

Also donated by Kat.

Another cool Elrondy photoshoppy thing.

Again, donated by Kat.

A third photoshop job.

Busy girl this Kat.

Elrond portrait.

Donated by Arabella Thorne. She's got the eybrows of doom perfectly, long flowing hair, get the drool bucket.