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Hugo Weaving/Elrond related sites:

NEH=Not Enough Hugo!
There's Not Enough Hugo on the Web. Support the cause, wear this ribbon on your site, join the Hugo Weaving Mailing list and if you have or know about a Hugo-tastic site not listed here, LET ME KNOW!

The Hugo Weaving Mailing List
Babble with like-minded souls about the Hotness of Hugo.

Love of the Rings.
Wenelda the Earth Nut's page. Neopets, AWWWW!

Way cool site; loads of info on our fave elf, fanlistings, links, you name it.

Nemis' homepage.
Truly wonderful Elrond related fanfic. Well worth a read.

The Gil-Galad/Elrond alliance. More scrum-diddly-umptious fanfic and other fun stuff.

More fanficcy goodness, bios, galleries.

Realm of the Star Dome.

Lovely fansite run by a lovely person! :o)

Much fun and much swoon-worthy Hugo              Visit Oqidan's site; She loves Hugo, she's dei-rty, she's veggie!

Was Elrond a glam rocker? The truth is here!

Lord of the Rings related sites:

Art by Maria Ivanova
Truly amazing art on this page. It's not all Lord of the Rings but heck, it's so good it's gotta get linkage!

A sorely needed Gil-Galad shrine. *sniff* Poor Gil-Galad...

Figwit Lives!
Wiggle those ears baby!

The Lord of the Rings movies official site.

The One
This is the best Tolkien site out there. It kicks many kinds of ass.

The Quintessential Lord of the Rings website.
Movie images, lots and LOTS of them. Seriously, there's shedloads of the things.

The Tolkein Sarcasm page.
A wry look at Middle Earth, well worth a visit.

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