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I adopted Elrond&Celebrian! I adopted Gil-galad!

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Elrond:  Peredhil, descendant of Melian the Maia, Lord of Imladris, bearer of Vilya, herald of Gil-Galad, member of the White council and all round lust-bunny, we salute you! I think poor old Elrond is very under-represented on the web so this page is just my little way of registering my extreme admiration for the Elf that has it all; wisdom, good looks, a nice pad and a damn cool hairdo.

01/02/03: I did it! I moved the site! Go me! There's nothing much new here yet apart from a couple of pictures in the fanart section. I'll start uploading new material shortly. The page is still under construction; I'll put in wallpapers soon and the reviews section isn't up and running yet. Everything else is (hopefully!) Please excuse the mess.

Old News

Disclaimer: I don't own Lord of the Rings or any of the characters, they belong to the estate of J.R.R. Tolkien. Nope, don't own Elrond. *sigh* Photographs belong to the lovely folks at New Line Cinema. Don't sue me, please, its just a bit of fun. There's no point anyway, I've got no money. The only things I own of value are my piano, drumkit and tuba but you can't have those. I've got a half-eaten packet of Maltesers, you can have them if you Okay then.